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BLOG TOUR - The First Spark of Fire


Germany, 1938. ‘No,’ she cries out as she falls to the floor, fear clutching desperately at her chest, ‘They can’t have taken him, they can’t have taken my husband.’ As her tear-filled eyes dart wildly around the empty room, she realises she has no one to turn to. She is his only hope. But how can she possibly save him?

When shy, beautiful 
 first met Jewish-born Julius it was love at first sight. Julius swept her off her feet, whisking her from humble beginnings into the sparkling society and glittering ballrooms of Berlin’s powerful elite. It felt like all her dreams had come true.

But her perfect world begins to crack with rumblings of the Nazi party growing in power and influence. Every day there are new laws to strip Jews of their money and their freedom. And there are even more frightening rumours, of horrifying camps, and people disappearing in the night…

Then when Edith’s own brother Joseph enlists as an SS officer, and her whole family turn their backs on them, she knows that it is only a matter of time before they come for her husband. She pleads with Julius that their only chance is to run away and start again. Who cares about worldly possessions if they can still be together, their lives intact? But despite everything, he refuses to believe he is in danger.

Then one terrible night, the sounds of cries and breaking glass ring out across the city as the Nazis wreak their destruction. Edith’s worst fears have been realised— Julius has been taken.

For so long, Edith has led a sheltered life, secluded from the real world. But the only way to save her beloved husband is to defy the Nazis and put herself in grave danger. Can she draw on every bit of strength she has to fight for love and save him… or is she already too late?

A totally devastating, powerful, and ultimately uplifting story, perfect for fans of The Tattooist of AuschwitzMy Name is Eva and Sold on a Monday.


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Title:   The First Spark of Fire
Author:  Marion Kummerow
Publisher:  Bookouture
Series:  German Wives #1
Genre:   Historical Fiction 
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   286
Date of Publication:   April 11, 2023
My Rating:   4 Stars 

Whenever I think of World War II and the Third Reich, I think of the 1940s. This book by Marion Kummerow begins two decades before, actually in 1923. This was when Hitler’s rise and his growing plans became more and more evident to those living in Germany.

This captivating historical fiction shows how the Nazi reign grew exponentially and what things lead up to the second world war. In fact, the lives of families of Jewish dissent were examined, including how they lost their homes and businesses, to make way for those who were serving the impending  war effort. Families were divided, lives were destroyed, and tragedy ensued over and over again. 

The story continues with the characters Edith and Julius in Germany during the year 1938. While their lives started off in an idyllic fashion, the Germans became really focused on those in the Jewish community, and this included Julius. More than that, Edith’s brother Joseph became an SS officer, and with her husband, being a Jewish descent, their lives were going to be at risk. 

What a deep and introspective book. It was impossible not to feel for all of those affected by the pre-war days, which included the harsh prejudices and laws that were created in order to eliminate as many Jews as possible. This is a powerful story, one that shows courage and hope even in the darkest of times.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Marion Kummerow was born and raised in Germany, before she set out to "discover the world" and lived in various countries. In 1999 she returned to Germany and settled down in Munich where she's now living with her family.

Inspired by the true story about her grandparents, who belonged to the German resistance and fought against the Nazi regime, she started writing historical fiction, set during World War II. Her books are filled with raw emotions, fierce loyalty and resilience. She loves to put her characters through the mangle, making them reach deep within to find the strength to face moral dilemma, take difficult decisions or fight for what is right. And she never forgets to include humor and undying love in her books, because ultimately love is what makes the world go round.

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