Friday, June 2, 2023

May 2023 Reading Wrap Up


51 Books Read Pages read 16,067 Average Pages per day - 551 Average pages per book - 315 48 NetGalley eARCs 5 Audiobooks 49 Combined Blog Posts 9 upcoming reviews scheduled 27 Blog Tours

67 NetGalley Reviews

Total Read YTD - 227/450

Total Read pages YTD - 75,447 Average Pages per day - 496 Average pages per book - 332

Favorite 2023 Reads

*May - One Will Miss Her by Kat Rosenfield and Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay *April - A Light to Guide Us Home by Dianne Haley *March - The New One by Evie Green *February - The Little Flower Shop by Lori Foster and Cold-Blooded Liar by Karen Rose *January -A Truth for a Truth by Carol Wyer and Forgiving What You Can't Forget by Lysa TerKeurst

*List of May books read for the vision-impaired

(Also, the majority of those books have been reviewed by me on this blog as well as Goodreads (

1 No One Will Miss Her by Kat Rosenfield 2 Close Her Eyes by Lisa Regan 3 Little Lost Dolls by M. M. Chouinard 4 Mystery at the Beauty Pageant by Helena Dixon 5 Mystery at Fairfield Castle by Clare Chase 6 The Summer Holiday by S. E. Lynes 7 Secrets of Clearwater Castle by Emma Davies 8 Summer at the Cornish Beach by Donna Ashcroft 9 The Daydreams by Laura Hankin 10 Spare by Prince Harry 11 Happily Married by Victoria Jenkins 12 Secrets of the Italian Island by Barbara Josseljohn 13 Murder at Abbeyread Farm by Merryn Allingham 14 Summer Reading by Jenn McKinlay 15 The Midwife's Child by Amanda Lees 16 The Wedding Day by Sue Watson 17 The Murder Affair by Alice Castle 18 The Revenge List byHannah Mary McKinnon 19 The Woman in Carriage 3 by Alison James 20 Fractal Noise by Christopher Paolini 21 The Bedroom Window by K. L. Slater 22 The Babysitter's Secret by Casey Kelleher 23 Murder in Scottish Hills by Lydia Travers 24 My Word Against His by Lauren North 25 Her Last Promise by Catherine Hokin 26 The Murder of Mr. Wickham by Claudia Gray 27 The Late Mrs. Willoughby by Claudia Gray 28 The Bride To Be by Daniel Hurst 29 Widow Lake by Rita Herron 30 1. An Unexpected Amish Proposal by Rachel J. Good 31 2. An Unexpected Amish Courtship by Rachel J. Good 32 3. An Unexpected Amish Christmas by Rachel J. Good 33 4. An Amish Marriage of Convenience by Rachel J. Good 34 5. Her Pretend Amish Boyfriend by Rachel J. Good 35 Happily Ever Amish by Shelley Shepherd Gray 36 Once Upon a Buggy by Shelley Shepherd Gray 37 Marry Me Millie by Amy Lillard 38 The Amish Matchmaker by Amy Lillard 39 One More Time for Joy by Amy Lillard 40 An Amish Husband for Tillie by Amy Lillard 41 A New Love for Charlotte by Amy Lillard 42 A Single Dad in Amish Country by Patricia Johns 43 Flop Dead Gorgeous by David Rosenfelt 44 Twas the Bite Before Christmas by David Rosenfelt 45 The Last Holiday by Amy Sheppard 46 My Daughter's Boyfriend by Daniel Hurst 47 My Husband's House by Sheryl Browne 48 Hold Your Breath by Helen Phifer 49 The Homemaker by Shari J. Ryan 50 The Last Orphan by Kate Hewitt 51 There's Someting About Greece by Sue Roberts

Here are some grouping some of the connected books that I read in May:

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