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BLOG TOUR - Second Wives


There’s been a terrible accident, Brigid, but the only thing that matters is that I love you. We’ll get through this together.” As I slowly wake in my hospital bed, my darling husband’s familiar voice soothes me. Yet, as I look across at him, I can’t shake the feeling that this is not my husband at all…

Later, I realize the awful truth. Because of my injury, I’m unable to feel the same emotion towards those I loved. The doctor calls this emotional amnesia, but gazing over at my husband, I call it torture.

As the weeks pass, my family and friends keep me going, especially 
Charity. Years before, she married my ex-husband and I, in turn, married hers. To keep our friendship group together we kept things civil - I thought we had the perfect blended family.

But once I’m back home, I begin to notice Charity inserting herself into my family. At first it’s little things, her hand lingering a moment too long on my husband’s back, playing the role of hostess in my home at a family barbeque. Then I see her encouraging her wayward brother to pay my only daughter more attention and I feel instantly threatened.

That evening, I am haunted by a familiar nightmare of an unknown man forcing someone under water, vowing that their next breath will be their last. As I gasp for air, my husband tries to comfort me.

But lying there in his arms, I feel anything but reassured. With no one I can really trust, I have to ask myself: 
does the man who gave me a second chance at love want me gone?



Title:   Second Wives
Author:  Carey Baldwin
Publisher:  Bookouture
Genre:   Psychological Thriller 
Format:  Kindle ARC 
No. of Pages:   306
Date of Publication:  March 17, 2023
My Rating:   4 Stars

When Brigid is seriously hurt in an accident, she awakens in the hospital with loving words from her dear husband. However, as Brigid is now experiencing emotional amnesia, she does not realize that the man at her hospital bed is not her husband Nash, but her ex-husband Jackson. In fact, Jackson is now married to her best friend Charity. Yes, Brigid and Charity have indeed married each other’s ex-husbands. So then, why is Jackson at Charity’s bedside, uttering words of concern and devotion?

It has been years since the couples have remarried, and all four of them have been able to remain friends. As this book is a psychological thriller, there is no doubt that at least one of the four principal characters has something to hide. While reading this intriguing book, I felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to fall. Meanwhile, I was especially interested how things would work out for Brigid and Nash, especially since her emotional connection to Nash was severed due to her accident. 

The original couples had reasons for their divorces and while it might have seemed quite odd that the remarriages occurred, they seemed to work for years. The accident that Brigid experienced and the result of that accident reminded me of the slightest crack in a vase full of flowers. The water is going to seep through causing the rack to grow. Can these couples get past loss and change in their lives? Is one or both of their marriages doomed? 

While unimaginable for me to imagine being married to my best friend’s ex and hers married to mine - no worries, 40+ years married and going strong - I really found myself very interested in this story. Past tragedy and other issues were explored, and this includes a recurring nightmare Brigid explores, especially in psycho-therapy, and this added yet another layer to this story. 

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.


Carey Baldwin is a USA Today bestselling author of psychological suspense. Also a dedicated physician, she holds two doctoral degrees, one in medicine and one in psychology. Her experience in the fields of medicine and psychology often informs her writing. She loves reading and writing stories that keep you off balance and on the edge of your seat. Carey lives in the southwestern United States with her amazing family. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and chasing wildflowers.

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