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Review - The Therapist

Title:  The Therapist
Author S. A. Falk
Publisher:  Storm Publishing
Genre:   Psychological Thriller 
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   348
Date of Publication:   April 25, 2024
My Rating:   4 Stars

It’s my first day back at work, and the grief I’m carrying is still with me, but I file it away and put on my professional face to greet my new patient.

As a successful psychiatrist and criminologist, I’m used to working with damaged minds. But I’m not prepared for Trent Davis. Sitting across the table from me, his warm brown eyes shine. He laughs easily and part of me can’t help but like him, despite what his file says he’s capable of.

Then a package arrives for Trent, with my home as the return address.

And everything falls apart…

A shocking and unputdownable thriller with a ‘didn’t see that coming’ twist. The perfect read for fans of The Silent Patient, Mike Omer and Freida McFadden.


Stephanie Fletcher, is a psychiatrist who is grieving the loss of her long-time therapist. Stephanie was a victim of horrid childhood abuse and depended on therapy to help her to process it. Back at work at her job at the Pantano State Hospital, a facility for the criminally insane, Stephanie relies on her job as a correctional psychiatrist to help patients, even those with extensive life sentences. One patient in a particular, new to the facility, has been given six life sentences for his brutal and vile crimes to six victims. Stephanie tries to help him, but realizes that the trauma of her past affects the way she views and treats her patients.

Stephanie’s newest patient, Trent, has a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, with years of self-medicating, as well as how he was affected from the horrible treatment of his mother when he was a child. Her sessions with Trent were vey telling, if not cringeworthy, yet she strives to find common ground with him. 

The Therapist was full of tense scenes and packed a wallop when it came to a shocking twist and conclusion, making me tap my Kindle faster ad faster as the book ended with a crescendo.

Many thanks to Storm Publishing and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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