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BLOG TOUR - Isha, Unscripted

Title:  Isha, Unscripted 
Author Sajni Patel
Publisher:  Berkley Books
Genre:   Multicultural Romance
Format:  Kindle ARC
No. of Pages:   336
Date of Publication:   February 14, 2023
My Rating:   4 Stars 

Unwilling to yield to familial expectations, an aspiring screenwriter attempts to pursue her dreams during an unforgettable night of chaos in this hilarious and heartfelt novel by Sajni Patel.

Isha Patel is the black sheep of the family. She doesn't have a "prestigious" degree or a "real" career, and her parents never fail to remind her. But that's okay because she commiserates with her cousin, best friend, and fellow outcast, Rohan.

When Isha has a breakthrough getting her script in front of producers, it doesn't go according to plan. Instead of letting her dreams fall through the cracks, Rohan convinces her to snag a pitch session with an Austinite high-profile celeb: the one and only Matthew McConaughey, who also happened to be her professor at the University of Texas years ago--he has to remember her, right?

Chasing Matthew McConaughey isn't easy. Isha needs a drink or two to muster up courage, and she gets a little help from the cutest bartender she's ever encountered. But when the search for the esteemed actor turns into a night of hijinks and unexpected--albeit fun--chaos, everything falls apart. Isha's dreams seem farther than ever, but she soon realizes who she really needs to face and that her future may just be alright, alright, alright.


Isha Patel is apparently frustrating her parents. They want her to not only have a degree but ideally a career that would prove that she is a responsible taxpaying adult. Isha has other plans. She always has. She has been determined to get her recently written script in front of producers. If that fails, Isha hopes that she can at least get her one-time professor, Matthew McConaughey, to hear her script ideas. 

She is not alone in her quest however. Her younger cousin Rohan is with her every step of the way. Isha and Rohan are much more than cousins. They are more like siblings, a bond that is very strong, and they truly are best friends. Isha meets someone else that stands in her corner, and that is a bartender that she meets, a man she has an instant crush on. His name is Tarik, but what especially adorable was the nickname Isha had for him. 

This very sweet story by Sajni Patel follows Isha as she strives to achieve her dreams despite the many struggles and embarrassments that happen along the way. I loved her strength and determination, even though her love and respect for her traditional parents clearly shone through. 

Isha, Unscripted is the third book I have had the pleasure of reading by the delightful Ms. Patel. Her writing is fresh, relatable and enjoyable. I love how she writes her characters as she breathes life into their stories. 

Many thanks to Berkley Books 
and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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Official Bio:
Award-winning author, Sajni Patel, was born in vibrant India and raised in the heart of Texas. She draws on personal experiences, cultural expectations, and southern flair to create worlds centered around strong Indian women. Once in MMA, she’s now all about puppies, rainbows, and tortured love stories. She divides her time between Hawai’i (where honu is her #1 obsession) and Austin (where she not-so-secretly watches Mathew McConaughey from afar during UT football games.) Queso is her weakness and thanks to her family’s cooking, Indian/Tex-Mex cuisine is a real thing. She’s a die-hard Marvel Comics fan, an ube fanatic, and is always wrapped up in a story.

Unofficial Bio:
Hi! My name is Sajni (rhymes with judge-knee) Patel (pronounced Puh-tell). I moved to the States from India when I was very young and grew up in Texas. Yes, I have a southern accent. Yes, I grew up on Indian, BBQ, Tex-Mex, Mexican, and soul food. Yum! Part of my waking hours are spent advancing space research, playing with animals, and binge-watching Netflix. I write novels featuring Own Voices, romance, and kick-butt girls.

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